Can’t Stand the Heat? How to Survive Another Brutal South Texas Summer

If you live in the state of Texas OR will be temporarily living in South Texas, here are some tips on how to avoid South Texas summer HEAT!

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A Texas Summer is like no other summer you’ve ever experienced before. If you’ve ever lived in Texas in the summertime, you know how brutal the heat is. With temperatures skyrocketing well over the one hundred degree mark, surviving another cruel South Texas summer is not for the faint of heart. Knowing how to prepare for such a lifestyle change may seem daunting if you haven’t lived in these parts before. If you’re temporarily relocating to South Texas, there are a few things you need to know to survive the long summers.

5 Tips for Surviving a South Texas Summer

At Capri Temporary Housing, we know how abrupt the Texas summer can be for those temporarily relocating. Despite its bad reputation, summertime in Texas is survivable and can thrive in the heat. How? We put together a list of survival tips to help ease your transition. Let’s get into them!

  • Long pants are out of the question: If you’re not from Texas, you are probably used to that perfect time during dusk when the weather starts cooling down. We hate to break it to you, but none of that exists down here in South Texas. The temperatures at night stay close to the same range they hit mid-afternoon. Before any panic sets it, know that dressing the part is half the battle. If you’re going to be living in Texas for any time in the summer, it would be wise to ditch the pants and opt for shorts and flowy pieces of clothing.
  • Always Park in the shade: This is an easy lesson to learn if you forget the first time. Parking in the shade is not just for your comfort when arriving back at your vehicle. Items left in the car during Texas summers will melt and could ruin your vehicle’s upholstery. Investing in a sun shade will help, but it is still a wise idea to remove items from your car that could cause damage when melted.
  • Learn to love the water: Sure, not everyone has access to a pool. But, if you are living in Texas in the summertime, it is a good idea to find a body of water nearby to cool off. There is a multitude of beautiful rivers and swimming holes within driving distance of South Texas towns. Grab your swimsuit and your travel buddy and make plans to explore the natural heat relief that South Texas has to offer.
  • Treat Yourself: One requirement for surviving Texas in the summertime is indulging in treats of the frozen variety. When the sun gets too much to handle, head to the nearest local ice cream or snow cone shop to cool off. Del Rio is full of quaint ice cream shops that serve up relief from the heat on cones and in cups.

Familiarize yourself with signs of heat exhaustion: The summer heat can affect those indoors and outdoors. Heat waves can often cause power outages, leaving people without air conditioning. Heat-related emergencies do not always appear as you would think. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

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Stay Cool with Capri and avoid the south Texas summer heat!

Relocating to a new city is overwhelming as it is, but having to adapt to a new climate can make things more tricky. We know that there’s not much we can do to lessen the intensity of Texas in the summertime. At Capri Temporary Housing, we offer corporate housing and short-term apartment rentals for various travelers. We ALWAYS stay on top of our air conditioning units, so you don’t have to. Our customer service team and on-site staff are well-equipped to handle heat emergencies. When you stay with Capri, you are choosing to keep cool!

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