Myths about Corporate Housing

Sorting the myths from the facts when it comes to corporate housing.

1.    Myth: Corporate Housing is only for corporations.

a.    Fact: corporate housing is for anyone needing temporary accommodation’s for work or leisure. Furnished apartments are often used by travelers who are in the area visiting family or on vacation to have room to relax at the end of a busy day sightseeing.

b.    Fact: Short term furnished apartments are available to anyone who travels and stays in hotels. AirBnb has shown us that folks looking to really experience local life will look for short stay apartments over hotels for comfort and the ability to prepare their own meals.


2.    Myth: Corporate Housing is expensive

a.    Fact: Compared to a hotel, corporate housing is comparable and when measuring hard costs, is a cheaper option for folks looking to save money when they are in between places.Corporate housing is more than an apartment with furniture. Your rent includes basic utilities, TV service and internet, bedding and housewares. When you walk into your apartment, you can unpack your suitcase and start making yourself feel at home.

b.    Fact: Apartments offer amenities that hotels cannot. For example, a corporate has a full sized kitchen with cookware. Guests can cook their own food, saving on expensive eating out costs.


c.    Fact: Per square foot, corporate apartments run less than half of the cost than that of a hotel room.Most hotels offer 300 s.f. for a guest. For the same price, corporate housing offers twice as much and sometimes 3 x as much space. And for a family spread across 2 hotel rooms while waiting to close on a house, the cost for a 2 bedroom apartment is often just ¾ the cost of renting to hotel rooms filled with double beds and a small table or single chair.

3.    Myth: It’s cheaper if I just do it myself!

a.    Fact: Setting up your own accommodations is time consuming. Not only do you have to find a location that rents on your time table (3 months most often), you have to spend time arranging furniture rental, purchasing houseware, waiting for the cable guy.Get the picture? Time is money! Your time is better spent on getting your primary job done, instead of arranging apartments?

b.    Fact: Hidden costs can whittle at your savings when you arrange your own. Deposits and break lease fees add up quickly, often negating the cost savings companies hope to achieve. Corporate housing companies like Capri often incorporate those extra costs in the rate they offer you so you just pay one monthly fee. Another time savings for busy professionals.


4.    Myth: Corporate apartments are not pet friendly.

a.    Fact: many traveling professionals choose short term furnished apartments because they are able to keep their furry companions with them instead of kenneling them. Young dog owners as well as baby boomers take their pets with them when they travel. Pets have become like one of the family, and many companies like Capri are chosen so they can keep their family pet with them.


b.    Fact: Many locations have pet parks so guests can have a safe place to walk their dog without creating a disturbance for others in the community. All Capri apartments are pet friendly!

5.    Myth: Corporate housing is only for big cities

a.    Fact: Del Rio has its own corporate housing company, Capri Temporary Housing. Capri goes the extra mile to find accommodations suitable for your budget and needs. Contact them today for your quote on how to make your stay a better one while working or playing in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Laredo!